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Sixty Sloane
Ready for occupation

The QUALITY you expect, with the SPACE and FLEXIBILITY you don’t. SIXTY SLOANE is a building that combines a RICH HISTORY and TRADITIONAL AESTHETIC.

Prospective Cat-B fitout of ground floor

The building

Steeped in history, but always looking forward. Sixty Sloane is traditionally modern and exceptional in every way.

Modern. Forward looking. Yet steeped in a rich history of influence and inspiration. Sixty Sloane is exceptional in every way. Originally designed by CW Stephens, the same architect responsible for the famous façade of Harrods, Sixty Sloane was built to be the department store’s very own car showroom. Today, though the same famous façade remains, it’s now fully modernised inside, and the building offers exceptional floor space unrivalled in the area.

Whether you’re looking for influential office space or inspiring retail premises, Sixty Sloane is more than an address, it’s a statement of intent.

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